What a week this has been

I must start by saying congratulations must go to the 33 Chilean miners and rescuers 69 days trapped underground. Stating the blindingly obvious but 69 days trapped underground is a long time to spend with your work colleagues, I can think of one work colleague that I wouldn’t want to be trapped 69 nano seconds with let alone 69 days mind you I don’t know anyone who likes this person so perhaps after 69 seconds there would be one less trapped B&Q worker.

I know my commute is very short just under two miles but a couple of nights I have been suffering with the very debilitating man flu but I managed to avoid taking the car.

Wednesday I cycled to St Georges for my regular weekly physio session, this involves manipulation and strengthening work for my muscles, to help with my movement, my left arm I can as near as damn it get it straight, but my right I can’t it just wont extend to fully straight and it never will. Don’t get me wrong I am not complaining at all, when I look back at my accident I think how very lucky I am so not being able to extend my right arm fully straight is such a small price to pay. My next appointment is in five weeks time. While on the subject of accidents spare a thought for Lost Sheep Ramblings who broke her collarbone whilst out on her bike Monday wishing you a very speedy recovery Anna.

On the way back from physio I stopped at the Doctors to get the result of my blood tests which I have every six months to monitor my blood sugar levels which is marginally higher than it should be, imagine my surprise when the receptionist told me they have come back normal blood result that is she said to me “must be all cycling you do” well I don’t know about that but am very pleased.

Back commuting this week plus new and old bike swag

Done my usual commutes this week Wednesday night I nearly wimped out because it was raining very heavily but I overcame the voice in my head saying “Take the car Take the car”

Wednesday also saw another visit to the physio department of St. Georges hospital I now have to do my exercises twice a day, my muscles feel like they have been punched by David Haye.

On the way back I stopped of at Lidl Streatham to check out there cycling specials as I was very interested in their Bike Workstand but unfortunately they had sold out, so then went to Lidl at Thornton heath where they had one left, but as the item was so heavy no chance of me cycling home with it even though it is only just over a mile away. So quick cycle home to get the car drove back and it was still there so paid my £29.99 it comes with a three-year guarantee, will review this item when I have assembled it, I think it might be available again at a later date, looking on various forums and blogs there were several people disappointed that this item seemed to sell out very quickly. So count myself lucky to have obtained one well time will tell.

Very happy with my Cateye SL 120 orbit spoke lights they have performed very well in all weathers with no problems what so ever. I have no hesitation in recommending them their RRP is £19.99 But found them here for £14.38 plus £1.99 p&p this is for a set of two lights.

Completed September 100

Leisure Miles 100.49

Commuting Miles 38.92

5 mile time trial 23.59

10 mile time trial 52.36

Physiotherapy today

The commute into work and home was without any problems

Route to Work

Route Home

Got home from work today had a shower, then consumed some toast and jam, got myself ready to cycle to St Georges Hospital for my 8am Physio appointment.

My elbows have been ok lately but the muscles in my arms have been aching but more so in my right arm.

So told the Physio about this, she believes that my right arm is because I can’t fully straighten it up at the moment, so the muscle is working hard to stop my arm from fully extending hence the feeling of a dead arm. She has given me some exercises to help sort this out, I have got to go back next week instead of two weeks like has been the norm so far.

On my way home dropped into Savacentre to pick up a bit of shopping

Route to Hospital and Home

Visit to the Physio Deartment

Got home from work a couple of quick slices jam on toast, shower and change of cloths and of to St Georges. Even though had legging’s and a waterproof jacket on, It stayed dry. 🙂

It turns out my left arm is not far from a return to normal movement, 🙂 unfortunately that can’t be said for the right arm, 😦 the Physio manipulated my right elbow, it didn’t hurt but was sore afterwards.

Return visit in two weeks time.

Added a few miles to my August 150

Route to St Georges

Route to Home