Very short spin on the bike update on Lidl Bike workstand

After a breakfast of Porridge with sultanas and honey.

It was out for a very short ride which included a trip to Morrison’s for provisions.

I took maybe a last chance with shorts and a t-shirt was a bit windy but was fine.

Here is my Route

Lidl Bike workstand

Lidl publicity photo

Yesterday finally got round to taking the stand out of the box and assembling it not that there was a lot to assemble basically it was a case of sliding one metal tube into another, also fitting the magnetic tool tray which I haven’t done as yet, not sure I will need to do this. It is a very heavy and very well-built piece of kit, I have no fear of trusting it with either of my bikes. It comes with a three-year guarantee, Overall an excellent piece of equipment which I thoroughly recommend at £29.99 an absolute bargain. It sold out very quickly but I suspect they might do this again with other cycle gear. I have now signed up for there email newsletter so I don’t miss out on the chance of more cycling bargains. You can sign up Here While on the stand gave my chain a thorough cleaning and replaced the battery in the Garmin’s cadence meter, to replace the battery it is whole lot easier with the back wheel removed.


Garmin Edge 500

I finally got the cadence to work properly this week, then suddenly the Heart Rate monitor stopped working 😦 didn’t matter how wet I made the contacts no joy. I looked through the handbook maybe new battery is needed, but as I have only had it for a month thought this was most unlikely, anyway put the new battery in switched the Garmin on within less than five seconds message said HR monitor detected 🙂 success.

Can only think battery was drained 😦 whilst sitting in the warehouse.

So next ride should have all my Garmin stats 🙂

London Skyride 29.05 miles in total

Got up just after eight had me shower, then fueled up with Porridge, left home just after 9.30 to cycle to Buckingham Palace a journey of just over nine miles, which took about forty-five minutes.

Route to Buckingham Palace

If the video don’t work this the link Here

I waited there for Pat and Keir my wife and Son, on their arrival we walked round had a look at a few things, we queued up to get my Bike marked by the Metropolitan police, but unfortunately they ran out the stuff they needed, but they gave me a form to use online.

After looking around and eating a sandwich, I bid farewell to Pat and Keir, and set off on the skyride.

By now it was just before 2pm and to say the route was very congested in parts would be an understatement, there was times where we came to a complete stop due to the volume of Cycles. Hence that is why it took 1 hour and 14 minutes and the average speed was 8.3 mph.

Skyride Route

Before leaving for home fuelled up on an energy bar, the journey was fine except my legs were starting to feel it a bit. 😦 Maybe because I done twenty miles in almost one hit . I had a really enjoyable day except for an epic fail on my Muvi footage I am not use to the controls so failed to record the footage I wanted

One positive though I have finally got the cadence to work properly on my Garmin Edge 500

Route Home