Not a natural born Cyclist

Unlike a lot of people in this community I didn’t start riding a bike when I was a kid apart from a three wheeler which was similar to this one except mine was red and had what I can only describe as a bread bin shape container on the back for putting items. The container was approximately 20 inches across by 12 inches high. It was fitted with a proper bike chain. I remember riding it around the garden in the the late 50s but it possibly dated back earlier than that.

I didn’t learn to ride a bike till I was about 14, I remember a mate from school said to have a go on his bike, we was in a park at the top of a hill I got on and went down the hill coming off a few times, then bingo I managed it.

In about 1968 I was riding to work on my bike I stupidly had a bag hanging from the handlebars which caught in my front wheel over the bars I went, I ended up in the casualty department of Bollingbrooke Hospital just a few cuts and bruises no broken bones.

In the 80s I purchased a Tony Doyle Viscount Road bike to be honest I don’t remember riding it that much.

Move on to August 2009 I bought off ebay my Β£56 cheapo Mountain Bike

The idea being to use the bike for my very short commute to work less than two miles but that was it I was bitten by the cycling bug. In January 2010 I purchased my Scott Sub 10. As they say the rest is history.


Been a busy couple of days


Got up at 5am as I had to take Keir to Salford Uni he is starting his second year of his politics degree. We loaded the car up with everything except the Kitchen Sink. We left at 6am the journey and traffic was fine. The only downsides was we stopped at Newport Pagnell services, there was no cooked vegetarian breakfast option for keir so he had a roll, maybe it was for the best as my cooked breakfast was never going to burn my mouth it was crap. We arrived at his accommodation at 11.30 am.

It is about a mile from where he stayed before it is a very nice place.

I texted Joby to see if he wanted to meet up for a coffee but he was already at lunch 😦 my fault should have contacted him in the week, maybe another time mate.

Anyway bid farewell to keir at 2.15 pm the traffic going back was a lot heavier any way I thought I would stop at Norton Canes services on the M6 Toll know these services very well the Chelsea coaches always stop here. When I got there it was rammed much more than on a Football day, apparently there was some bloke visiting London from some place in Italy called the Vatican City lol. Got home about 8.15pm


Got up at 8am for my trip to East London for stage 8 of The Tour of Britain
left home about 9am arrived at custom house station wasn’t sure which way to go I see a couple of race marshals asked them where the start was they told me to follow the cones and barriers which was fine except they sent me the wrong way because where I was, if they sent me the other way it was about a mile away instead of approximately 6 miles away 😦 anyway got to start after my hike still I suppose the exercise is good. The charity bike ride was about to start participants paid Β£20.00 each to ride the 11km course once or twice, for this they received a medal, food, and a drink with the profits going to the Prostate Cancer charity, there looked like at least 200 people took part which included some children.

Before the race started I went off to get some food I was walking back towards Custom House I happen to come across where the support vehicles were parked there was bike porn to die for.

More pictures Here

After eating made my way back not to the start as by now it was rammed, went further down the road where you could stand not only has the riders left the start but cross over the road for when they came back this mean’t you got the best of both worlds. What surprised me was how fast they travel when you watch it on the TV you don’t get the impression of speed. Also the number of support vehicles involved.

Overall I had a really good day on reflection watching the final stage set up as a circuit means you get to see all bikes several times compared to once on a stage that is from A to B. It’s the only professional sport that I know of you watch for free.

Last Commute for twelve days

Commute into work last was fine except it was lashing down but had wet weather gear on so not a problem.

Route to Work

Commute home was fine and weather was dry I am still cycling in my shorts even though the temperature has dropped slightly.

Route Home

No cycling tonight as I have got to fill the car up with petrol ready for my and Keir’s trip “Up Norf” to Salford Uni on Friday. Plus no commuting next week, I am on holiday for a week but will be hoping to complete September 100 next week

These are my up to date stats for the September 100

Physiotherapy today

The commute into work and home was without any problems

Route to Work

Route Home

Got home from work today had a shower, then consumed some toast and jam, got myself ready to cycle to St Georges Hospital for my 8am Physio appointment.

My elbows have been ok lately but the muscles in my arms have been aching but more so in my right arm.

So told the Physio about this, she believes that my right arm is because I can’t fully straighten it up at the moment, so the muscle is working hard to stop my arm from fully extending hence the feeling of a dead arm. She has given me some exercises to help sort this out, I have got to go back next week instead of two weeks like has been the norm so far.

On my way home dropped into Savacentre to pick up a bit of shopping

Route to Hospital and Home

Aldi Thursday 16th September Special Buys

At Aldi on September 16th they have got various cycling items for sale check it out Here

Find your nearest store Here

Always worth a look

Garmin Edge 500

I finally got the cadence to work properly this week, then suddenly the Heart Rate monitor stopped working 😦 didn’t matter how wet I made the contacts no joy. I looked through the handbook maybe new battery is needed, but as I have only had it for a month thought this was most unlikely, anyway put the new battery in switched the Garmin on within less than five seconds message said HR monitor detected πŸ™‚ success.

Can only think battery was drained 😦 whilst sitting in the warehouse.

So next ride should have all my Garmin stats πŸ™‚

London Skyride 29.05 miles in total

Got up just after eight had me shower, then fueled up with Porridge, left home just after 9.30 to cycle to Buckingham Palace a journey of just over nine miles, which took about forty-five minutes.

Route to Buckingham Palace

If the video don’t work this the link Here

I waited there for Pat and Keir my wife and Son, on their arrival we walked round had a look at a few things, we queued up to get my Bike marked by the Metropolitan police, but unfortunately they ran out the stuff they needed, but they gave me a form to use online.

After looking around and eating a sandwich, I bid farewell to Pat and Keir, and set off on the skyride.

By now it was just before 2pm and to say the route was very congested in parts would be an understatement, there was times where we came to a complete stop due to the volume of Cycles. Hence that is why it took 1 hour and 14 minutes and the average speed was 8.3 mph.

Skyride Route

Before leaving for home fuelled up on an energy bar, the journey was fine except my legs were starting to feel it a bit. 😦 Maybe because I done twenty miles in almost one hit . I had a really enjoyable day except for an epic fail on my Muvi footage I am not use to the controls so failed to record the footage I wanted

One positive though I have finally got the cadence to work properly on my Garmin Edge 500

Route Home

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