Back commuting this week plus new and old bike swag

Done my usual commutes this week Wednesday night I nearly wimped out because it was raining very heavily but I overcame the voice in my head saying “Take the car Take the car”

Wednesday also saw another visit to the physio department of St. Georges hospital I now have to do my exercises twice a day, my muscles feel like they have been punched by David Haye.

On the way back I stopped of at Lidl Streatham to check out there cycling specials as I was very interested in their Bike Workstand but unfortunately they had sold out, so then went to Lidl at Thornton heath where they had one left, but as the item was so heavy no chance of me cycling home with it even though it is only just over a mile away. So quick cycle home to get the car drove back and it was still there so paid my £29.99 it comes with a three-year guarantee, will review this item when I have assembled it, I think it might be available again at a later date, looking on various forums and blogs there were several people disappointed that this item seemed to sell out very quickly. So count myself lucky to have obtained one well time will tell.

Very happy with my Cateye SL 120 orbit spoke lights they have performed very well in all weathers with no problems what so ever. I have no hesitation in recommending them their RRP is £19.99 But found them here for £14.38 plus £1.99 p&p this is for a set of two lights.

Completed September 100

Leisure Miles 100.49

Commuting Miles 38.92

5 mile time trial 23.59

10 mile time trial 52.36


Met up with Toby afterwards I done 29.79 and cracked 30mph

Got up at six this morning so I could meet up with Toby

Had a bowl of porridge had a shower got myself ready.

The journey to Crystal palace is just over four miles, but there are a couple of steep hills, I must admit these beat me twice, got of and pushed twice I am afraid to say.

Eventually got there met up with Toby and his mate, who are taking part in the London to Hastings charity Bike Ride.

We chatted for about twenty minutes before they went to the start line

Route to Crystal Palace

I bid them farewell, I decided that I would cycle into Bromley it was on the steep decent from Crystal Palace I managed to crack 30 mph first time ever to be more accurate it was 30.07, as you get close to Bromley there is another steep climb once again another defeat, another pushing the bike uphill. That just sounds so wrong.

Route to Bromley

One of the reasons for cycling to Bromley was because I wanted to go to the Giant cycle store. Before trying to find the store I saw a costa coffee, Where I had coffee and an almond Croissant.

While drinking my coffee I found out that the Giant store doesn’t open on a Sunday, but decided I would still look for it. After my refuel cycled of in search of the Giant store, I saw a policeman on a Mountain bike asked if he knew where it was. He replied no idea I told him the name of the road better success now, he directed me to the road. Anyway I found The Giant Cycle store

Bit small ain’t it !! but I suspect it will be like Pearson Cycles in Sutton. Will have to pay another visit when it is open.

Decided that I would make my way home via Croydon where I stopped at Evans Cycles to pick up another set of Cateye SL120 Orbit Spoke lights to go on my mountain Bike. Two more stops before home my B&Q to pick up some white cable ties to secure the spoke lights to make them a bit harder to steal, well thats my theory. Then from there a quick stop at Asda’s for provisions for dinner tonight.

Bit disappointed on three hill failures but pleased that finally cracked the 30mph mark also pleased with the distance I covered today. 29.79 to go onto my August 150 still not enough though 😦

Route Home

Toby’s Just Giving Page

Fitted the Cateye SL120

The Cateye arrived yesterday I fitted it today, fitting was a matter sliding a spoke down the back of the light, while sliding the wings of the light between two spokes.

The only thing I didn’t like was the fact you have to push the spoke into the slot on the back, the thought of pushing the spoke into the light is a bit scary in case you break a spoke.

I have fitted the front light towards the kerb.

I have fitted the rear light towards the traffic.

I haven’t ridden with the lights fitted so don’t know as of yet if it affects the balance or how they perform in use, will make my observations in a later post.