Time for a change of direction

I know I haven’t blogged for over a year now, a lot has happened in my life, back in May I split up with my wife, please no comments sorry, cause I aint this is the happiest I have been for years.

Then in September I went to the Doctors with some problems,I thought I might have Prostate Cancer,they took a blood and urine sample, I had to wait a week for the results. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t scared.I was petrefied, anyway the tests came back negative. They think it is a Prostate problem on Tablets at the moment but like John Terry I am still under investigation.

So haven’t cycled for quite awhile, I don’t think I will be, so hence the title of the post, I want to post more about video games etc.so I intend to change the direction of this blog.

I want to thank everyone in the cycling community for all there help and advice, and hope that we can all meet up soon that would be so cool.

But like Arnie i’ll be back waggling me joystick.

Wait three months then two posts come along

I cycled to work last night left home feeling less tired on the bike than I have done over the previous three months. I feel this maybe due to my visit to London Bike Show

Anyway I must have been nearly halfway to work when I felt a bumping from the back Tyre, got off the bike low and behold the back tyre was very soft but not completely flat. As I looked up the road I saw a fellow cyclist as he approached I asked him if he had a pump he stopped and loaned me his pump, (message to the Bear always carry your pump with you) anyway pumped up the tyre thanked the fellow cyclist for his help, before I got back on the bike there was a feeling of Deja vu I had stopped where my accident occurred last year.

Got back on the bike cycled a little bit further only to realize the tyre had gone down again, so got off walked into work.

Left work this morning at six walked home, will use the cheapo mountain bike for the next couple of nights fix the tyre Thursday.

Aborted Route Here

London Bike Show its been awhile

Its been quite awhile since I blogged last, truth be told I just couldn’t be arsed but anyway this ain’t about my laziness but about my trip with Toby and Claire To The London Bike Show.

Met up with Toby at Victoria Station, made our way to get the circle line to Embankment so busy chatting didn’t realize we went the wrong way. But anyway no great problem, eventually got there.

The main difference to this and the London Cycle Show is the size this was much smaller cycle show but incorporated two other shows “The outdoor Show” “The London Boat Show”.

But I went to perv over the bike Porn

Toby’s Favourite £849 looks so much more expensive

We did visit both the other shows, The London Boat show was a different world to “what I come from in Laaaandaaaan”

As Toby would say “if you have to ask the price don’t bother”

Had an excellent day as we left we saw this on display outside of the ExCeL

Although I have still been cycling to work this has inspired me to get out on my bike again to put some leisure miles into Phills 2011 Monthly Challenge

Was an excellent day Thanks Toby Thanks Claire excellent company

Very short spin on the bike update on Lidl Bike workstand

After a breakfast of Porridge with sultanas and honey.

It was out for a very short ride which included a trip to Morrison’s for provisions.

I took maybe a last chance with shorts and a t-shirt was a bit windy but was fine.

Here is my Route

Lidl Bike workstand

Lidl publicity photo

Yesterday finally got round to taking the stand out of the box and assembling it not that there was a lot to assemble basically it was a case of sliding one metal tube into another, also fitting the magnetic tool tray which I haven’t done as yet, not sure I will need to do this. It is a very heavy and very well-built piece of kit, I have no fear of trusting it with either of my bikes. It comes with a three-year guarantee, Overall an excellent piece of equipment which I thoroughly recommend at £29.99 an absolute bargain. It sold out very quickly but I suspect they might do this again with other cycle gear. I have now signed up for there email newsletter so I don’t miss out on the chance of more cycling bargains. You can sign up Here While on the stand gave my chain a thorough cleaning and replaced the battery in the Garmin’s cadence meter, to replace the battery it is whole lot easier with the back wheel removed.

What a week this has been

I must start by saying congratulations must go to the 33 Chilean miners and rescuers 69 days trapped underground. Stating the blindingly obvious but 69 days trapped underground is a long time to spend with your work colleagues, I can think of one work colleague that I wouldn’t want to be trapped 69 nano seconds with let alone 69 days mind you I don’t know anyone who likes this person so perhaps after 69 seconds there would be one less trapped B&Q worker.

I know my commute is very short just under two miles but a couple of nights I have been suffering with the very debilitating man flu but I managed to avoid taking the car.

Wednesday I cycled to St Georges for my regular weekly physio session, this involves manipulation and strengthening work for my muscles, to help with my movement, my left arm I can as near as damn it get it straight, but my right I can’t it just wont extend to fully straight and it never will. Don’t get me wrong I am not complaining at all, when I look back at my accident I think how very lucky I am so not being able to extend my right arm fully straight is such a small price to pay. My next appointment is in five weeks time. While on the subject of accidents spare a thought for Lost Sheep Ramblings who broke her collarbone whilst out on her bike Monday wishing you a very speedy recovery Anna.

On the way back from physio I stopped at the Doctors to get the result of my blood tests which I have every six months to monitor my blood sugar levels which is marginally higher than it should be, imagine my surprise when the receptionist told me they have come back normal blood result that is she said to me “must be all cycling you do” well I don’t know about that but am very pleased.

London Cycle Show Bike Porn Heaven

Got up at 8am showered breakfast of porridge dressed left home just before 9am, arrived at Earls Court just about 10am where I met up with Adrian and Ben.

We chatted while we waited for Toby when Toby arrived after a brief chat, we made our way into what can only be described has Bike porn heaven.

There was bike porn that ranged from £500 to £7000, also clothing that ranged from reasonably priced to the ridiculously expensive. One of the weirdest demonstrations was for sealskinz socks

which involved a perspex container with water in it, you put the socks on your hands which you then placed in the water, your hands stayed perfectly dry, no more wet feet amazing.

Other mind blowing moments was the weight of the carbon fibre frames light as a feather but of course this comes at a premium price.

There was just so much to see, to much for me to cover in any great detail.

It was great meeting up with Adrian Ben and Toby an enjoyable time was had by all. If you have a chance to visit on Sunday I couldn’t find a better way to spend the day.

Its official

Man Flu is real

See more of my pictures Here

Back commuting this week plus new and old bike swag

Done my usual commutes this week Wednesday night I nearly wimped out because it was raining very heavily but I overcame the voice in my head saying “Take the car Take the car”

Wednesday also saw another visit to the physio department of St. Georges hospital I now have to do my exercises twice a day, my muscles feel like they have been punched by David Haye.

On the way back I stopped of at Lidl Streatham to check out there cycling specials as I was very interested in their Bike Workstand but unfortunately they had sold out, so then went to Lidl at Thornton heath where they had one left, but as the item was so heavy no chance of me cycling home with it even though it is only just over a mile away. So quick cycle home to get the car drove back and it was still there so paid my £29.99 it comes with a three-year guarantee, will review this item when I have assembled it, I think it might be available again at a later date, looking on various forums and blogs there were several people disappointed that this item seemed to sell out very quickly. So count myself lucky to have obtained one well time will tell.

Very happy with my Cateye SL 120 orbit spoke lights they have performed very well in all weathers with no problems what so ever. I have no hesitation in recommending them their RRP is £19.99 But found them here for £14.38 plus £1.99 p&p this is for a set of two lights.

Completed September 100

Leisure Miles 100.49

Commuting Miles 38.92

5 mile time trial 23.59

10 mile time trial 52.36

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